Tait Note: A font for cool notes

Tait Note Promo: Tolstoy
Tait Note Pro­mo: Tolstoy

Based on a friend’s handwriting, Tait Note is a comic book-style typeface. It also gives your typeset notes a touch of architectural lettering and graffiti. Included here is the type specification sheet, as well as promo samples of the typeface in use. Great quotes are open to interpretation, apparently. Download Tait Note here.

Tait Note Promo: Einstein
Tait Note Pro­mo: Einstein
Tait Note Promo: Picasso
Tait Note Pro­mo: Picasso
Tait Note Promo: Douglass
Tait Note Pro­mo: Douglass
Tait Note Promo: Doris Day
Tait Note Pro­mo: Doris Day