Mount Pleasant Family Centre: Welcoming kids and families in Vancouver

Cir­cles of Care & Con­nec­tion loca­tion sign


Mount Pleasant Family Centre is a non-profit community society whose mission is to build caring relationships within families, neighbourhoods and the community. How to raise its profile while respecting its legacy of care in the community?


We collaborated with the centre to refine the level of visual communication, based on the needs of the centre’s users.

Scope: Brand consulting, logo signature refinement, signage, roll-up banner, brochures, promotional bookmark


This was accomplished by auditing existing materials and establishing some guidance for consistency.  We fine-tuned the existing, prevailing logo, adding an optional tagline to reinforce its heritage.

MPFCS logo — before
MPFC logo with tagline — after
An audit to stan­dard­ize the brand’s visu­al assets
MPFC book­mark – both sides


We also designed  communication items for the society’s two main programs: The Family Drop-In and the Circles of Care and Connection refugee families program.

For these, we created a dependable, reassuring and friendly series of pieces. Thus, users and funders clearly grasp the society’s mission and attributes.

The book­mark put to good use.
Mount Pleas­ant Fam­i­ly Cen­tre event banner.
Ban­ner, detail 1
Banner, detail 2
MPFC ban­ner – bottom
CCC Brochure Front
CCC Brochure Inside