GrocerMania: Helping shoppers find better deals

Grocery pricing comparison app logo


Create initial brand identity for clever grocery-comparison app.


A logo that communicates the new power shoppers will have to compare what they previously couldn’t (ie: apples & oranges). An overall identity that emphasizes the freshness (green) and excitement (orange) of getting good deals every week on groceries.

Scope: Logo, Brand Identity and User Experience Consulting, Ad Concepts


GrocerMania is a web service based in southern California. It tracks prices, specials and coupons in local grocery stores to help consumers save money on their weekly grocery shopping.

We started by analyzing the idea and discussing G-M’s needs: a logo and some initial ads to excite potential investors. We recorded key facts and tried to diagnose characteristics that this new brand would possess. The logo would need to work in advertising as well as on a website and app.

We went through a number of concepts and variations on the logo. One initial concept encompassed the enormous possibilities the app introduced. Here we explored symbols that implied the multiple options a shopper would have with GrocerMania.

Notes, brainstorming and sketches for GrocerMania logo & branding session.

An options worksheet for GrocerMania logo design


The winning concept involved a made-up fruit symbol – part apple and part orange. The app nullifies the saying “you can’t compare apples and oranges.” With this tool, you can compare things that you normally wouldn’t. Like the best new information technologies, GrocerMania makes the unknowable known: clever.

GrocerMania horizontal logo
Dark background version: GrocerMania logo


With the brand identity beginning to fall into place, the GrocerMania team began to work on their product. We helped in the areas of usability, brand style guidance, and carrying out ad concepts. Our feedback resulted in a stronger prototype and a more assured brand image GrocerMania could use to pitch for backers.

Brand identity visual style consulting for the GrocerMania web site.
Header image: Clem Onojeghuo