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What are you listening to?

The pan­dem­ic has changed a lot. Per­haps the amount and type of music you lis­ten to. 

I have been through my col­lec­tion fair­ly thor­ough­ly, lis­ten­ing for lost gems and for reminders of mem­o­rable peri­ods in life. Music has a way of con­jur­ing those memories. 

How­ev­er, dis­cov­er­ing new music is a great way to estab­lish a sound­track for this new peri­od. Sad­ly, for­ays into local record shops have been way down. Stream­ing ser­vices already had a stran­gle­hold on record­ing dis­tri­b­u­tion pre-pan­dem­ic. And of course, many of us are miss­ing live con­certs — badly.

Discovering new musical mysteries

Here, we’ve helped Iso­naut Music set up a sim­ple web site to fea­ture tracks, mix­es, and albums from their exten­sive cat­a­log. If you’re into unearthing unique sounds, this is a des­ti­na­tion for you. 

Showing the home page of Isonaut Music
Iso­naut Music “Cen­tral”

Whether you enjoy indie pop rock, exper­i­men­tal beats or lush down­tem­po vibes, there is some­thing to savour. The sim­ple home page pro­vides a good, updat­ed sam­ple of music to lis­ten to right off the bat. From there you can explore fur­ther on linked music ser­vices (Sound­cloud, Band Camp, and YouTube).

Keep up the audi­to­ry adven­tures! Sup­port the artists, and delight in those new sounds.