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Engaging Learners with Experiences

How to engage and inspire students? One potent technique is to take them out of the classroom.

Bernadett with students on walking architectural tour. Gastown, Vancouver, BC.

When I decided to make field trips an essential element of every class I teach, my students immediately saw the relationship of the class with reality. It would be wasted opportunity not to introduce students to the history of Vancouver. I took my class on a historical walking tour, connecting my training as a tour-guide with my knowledge of history of design and Vancouver buildings.

Engaging with the city they live in is one of the reasons students choose to study in Vancouver. My role is to create opportunities for students to create deeper learning. Students apply their theoretical knowledge from my history of architecture and design class, as soon as they get the chance to physically visit buildings with historical elements and details.

Burnaby Village Field Trip

How do they apply their knowledge? Students are ready to learn and engage with their surroundings. They are happy to work with me, and follow my lead when I point out details, and evidence of life in the past. As they walk through the neighbourhoods, they take their time to look at the building elements, interact with the city, and engage in conversation, sketching activities, and create life-long memories.

That is how to inspire, support and care for students. Providing active-learning chances, is what makes education a life long journey, and what makes students keep coming back for more. Adding that personal care, attention and support is essential to their experience and makes the instructor their mentor, and life-long coach.

—Bernadett Askey

Construction Field Trip
History Field Trip at Vancouver Law Courts