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Download a Vector Maze

Here’s a tool for bud­ding vec­tor illus­tra­tors – or those out of prac­tice and want­i­ng to get back into it! 

Pen Maze
Test your vec­tor draw­ing capabilities.

It’s a Pac Man shaped maze. You just know he has mazes on the brain! 

This one is more twisty than those we see in the video games. But that’s because I designed it to help stu­dents mas­ter the pen tool in vec­tor draw­ing soft­ware – like Adobe Illus­tra­tor or Affin­i­ty Designer. 

The chal­lenge is to com­plete the maze with as few anchor points (or nodes) as pos­si­ble. Don’t go over the lines! I just did it with twelve. Can you beat that? Down­load the maze here …