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Creative kids!

Cre­ative building

Mak­ing, cre­at­ing and tin­ker­ing, all act as build­ing blocks for future cre­ative careers.

As chil­dren get the chance to play with any cre­ative build­ing toys, they acti­vate their inno­v­a­tive spir­it. Active engage­ment with puz­zles, Lego, mis­cel­la­neous craft mate­ri­als, dif­fer­ent media, and unique com­bi­na­tions of ele­ments help switch on prob­lem solv­ing and prob­lem cre­ation in chil­dren at ear­ly age. Chil­dren innate­ly engage in com­bin­ing, com­pil­ing, build­ing and relat­ing dif­fer­ent objects and mate­ri­als. While exper­i­ment­ing with cre­ative prob­lem solv­ing, and learn­ing about mate­r­i­al qual­i­ties, chil­dren engage in active learn­ing. Hav­ing dif­fer­ent shapes, colours, tex­tures aid chil­dren in apply­ing their curi­ous mind to expe­ri­ence-based learn­ing solu­tions. Allow­ing the oppor­tu­ni­ty for a child to tin­ker, imag­ine and exper­i­ment is the best gift an adult could pro­vide. Dis­cussing and reflect­ing before, dur­ing, and after a cre­ative activ­i­ty, yields to fur­ther ideas, and strength­ens the bond between adult and child. Build­ing togeth­er is a great activ­i­ty that keeps minds active, and relaxed at the same time.

The maker movement

The emerg­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty of the mak­er move­ment in young demo­graph­ics is a wel­come change in our world. Spaces where peo­ple can join to cre­ate, make great net­work­ing options for all ages of mak­ers. New focus in design is based on self suf­fi­cient build­ings and ener­gy sources. Groups who focus on (Ener­gy Aware­ness Through ART) will pave the way of cre­ative prob­lem solv­ing. Van­cou­ver’s very own Mak­er Faire show­cas­es 150 artists, tin­ker­ers, per­form­ers, inven­tors, crafters, who put their cre­ative juices to work. In this day and age, where we for­get clas­si­cal crafts, it is more impor­tant than ever to cul­ti­vate our knowl­edge of mak­ing things. Greater appre­ci­a­tion of craft tech­niques and tools will help link our mod­ern tech­nol­o­gy with cre­ative prob­lem solving.

Learners for life

What are we build­ing today?

Peo­ple who grew up tin­ker­ing and manip­u­lat­ing objects and mate­ri­als in their envi­ron­ment, will be able to con­tin­ue to do so in their adult lives. Con­tin­u­um in cre­ative prob­lem solv­ing from child­hood to adult­hood con­di­tions peo­ple to pre­serve their inno­v­a­tive and curios spir­its. Any field will ben­e­fit from this type of self dri­ven, proac­tive activities.