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Creative kids!

Creative building

Making, creating and tinkering, all act as building blocks for future creative careers.

As children get the chance to play with any creative building toys, they activate their innovative spirit. Active engagement with puzzles, Lego, miscellaneous craft materials, different media, and unique combinations of elements help switch on problem solving and problem creation in children at early age. Children innately engage in combining, compiling, building and relating different objects and materials. While experimenting with creative problem solving, and learning about material qualities, children engage in active learning. Having different shapes, colours, textures aid children in applying their curious mind to experience-based learning solutions. Allowing the opportunity for a child to tinker, imagine and experiment is the best gift an adult could provide. Discussing and reflecting before, during, and after a creative activity, yields to further ideas, and strengthens the bond between adult and child. Building together is a great activity that keeps minds active, and relaxed at the same time.

The maker movement

The emerging popularity of the maker movement in young demographics is a welcome change in our world. Spaces where people can join to create, make great networking options for all ages of makers. New focus in design is based on self sufficient buildings and energy sources. Groups who focus on (Energy Awareness Through ART) will pave the way of creative problem solving. Vancouver’s very own Maker Faire showcases 150 artists, tinkerers, performers, inventors, crafters, who put their creative juices to work. In this day and age, where we forget classical crafts, it is more important than ever to cultivate our knowledge of making things. Greater appreciation of craft techniques and tools will help link our modern technology with creative problem solving.

Learners for life

What are we building today?

People who grew up tinkering and manipulating objects and materials in their environment, will be able to continue to do so in their adult lives. Continuum in creative problem solving from childhood to adulthood conditions people to preserve their innovative and curios spirits. Any field will benefit from this type of self driven, proactive activities.