Humanoid No More — Hypnotic Beats Duo

Introducing Humanoid No More

Retro-Futuristic Design for Electronic Music Duo

Humanoid No More is a music and enter­tain­ment col­lab­o­ra­tion between myself and Jamie Tait. We’re a hyp­not­ic beats duo. 

We set warped sci­ence fic­tion style sound­tracks to a funky beat.

In devel­op­ing a design lan­guage for this project, we had a num­ber of touch-points of inspi­ra­tion: Main­ly vin­tage sci­ence fic­tion book cov­ers, posters, and oth­er collectibles.

The Logotype

A lin­ear let­ter­ing logo type for the artist name evolved. This matched the over­all retro-futur­is­tic theme we were developing.

early vector sketches for the Humanoid No More logo.
Ear­ly vec­tor sketch­es for the Humanoid No More logo.
Humanoid No More wordmark
Humanoid No More word­mark logo, black on white.
graphic design  ILLUSTRATION  brand identity Scifi retrofuturism music Cover Art Logo Design Web Design
Humanoid No More logo, as imple­ment­ed on Band­camp banner.
Female model wearing Humanoid No More Linear Logo t-shirt.
Humanoid No More Lin­ear Logo t‑shirt.

The Releases

So far, Humanoid No More have released two record­ings: a sin­gle and an EP. More are sure to fol­low in much the same style. They’re avail­able for lis­ten­ing and down­load­ing on most major music platforms.

Cover art for Humanoid No More's Single: Ganymede TikTok Rebellion
Cov­er art for Humanoid No More’s Ganymede Tik­Tok Rebel­lion single.
Cover art for Humanoid No More's Party on Nostromo EP
Cov­er art for Humanoid No More’s Par­ty On Nos­tro­mo EP.
Liner notes for cover of Humanoid No More's Party On Nostromo EP
Lin­er notes for cov­er of Humanoid No More’s Par­ty On Nos­tro­mo EP — avail­able as a PDF only. You’d have to print it out your­self (at work, naturally).

The Humanoid No More Website

We built the web­site ( as a cen­tral hub for the group. It sim­ply con­tains links to the lat­est release and the artist’s social media accounts, as well as a shop and mail­ing list.

Homepage of Humanoid No More

What’s with the Tiger?

The group has been using a tiger illus­tra­tion as a sym­bol for social media avatars and so-on. It just devel­oped from the song “Tiger Squares.” Per­haps the tiger was once a Humanoid, but not anymore!

Tiger avatar used as a symbol for Humanoid No More
Tiger avatar used as a sym­bol for Humanoid No More.
Humanoid No More Tiger T-shirt
Humanoid No More Tiger T‑shirt.

This project is con­tin­u­ing and evolv­ing. It will be inter­est­ing to see where it goes next.

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