Transparent Subtitles

Trans-continental music collaboration

Listen & get: On the Fringe EP

New song: Fringe

Preview the “title” track from the forthcoming On the Fringe E.P. Now available! It features lead keyboards from Andrei Androsoff and some electronic textures from Jamie Tait (of City Wide Walkie Talkie). We’re so lucky to have musical friends …

Milestones: 100

Well, we have surpassed the 100 mark on a couple of things & are fairly dumbstruck about it:

Wow. Thanks everyone …


Hello fans! Have a listen …

For a limited time, we have this track available to listen to: Be Assured, the instrumental version. It’s available exclusively here on the site. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Ten tracks to change your life

Now available on Bandcamp: the subtitles album. I believe we finished in 2003 and did a short run of CDs. These tracks have been sporadically available online since then, but now I finally got them all together in one place. You can preview them right here and now:

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