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Teaching Adaptability in Today’s World

Define success.

What makes people successful in life is more about the ability to adapt, to communicate, and to solve problems. When we build our own selves and know our qualities, we can draw from that security throughout our whole lives. Our security for our future is in our own resilience. Learning how to learn is a fundamental skill that can be taught through a guiding and caring home, and community.

We do not know what the World will look like.

To know the World is to know the self, and to know the self is to know the World. Supporting kids to be kids, while  designing curriculum that meets the developmental moments of a child puts a reason behind activities students part-take in a school setting. Take the Waldorf school, as the best example, where education builds people’s capacities to do, to think and to adapt to the World we live in today.

What are the magical ways they achieve that? Social interactions, experimental learning, multi sensory learning, incorporation of one’s interests and skills are just some of the ways to understand our own abilities. When we give ourselves the respect and time to learn abut who we are, we secure our abilities to adapt to a changing World in the future. Take time to support our whole body and spirit every day.

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