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Student “Selections” Celebration

I have taught design for a good many years. Much of that time has been with the successful one-year intensive programs at LaSalle College Vancouver. They were especially beneficial for workers who needed quick retraining in a creative field and for those who wanted a good overview of the discipline.

In March, LCV announced it was phasing out these programs. This was euphemized as “integrating” with the newly-acquired Art Institute Vancouver. Integration implies combining and building, perhaps collaboratively and inclusively. Not so in this case.

So amid the confusion and melancholy, I have been reflecting on student successes over the years. There has been much to celebrate. Here is one example:

LCV’s parent company, LCI, has 22 campuses world-wide, serving thousands of students. Several years ago they introduced a web portfolio portal for students. It has been a very useful tool with which students can showcase their work. In our case, it shows also that they can achieve a lot in a year.

Every few weeks, one project earns the distinction of “Network Selection.” Of the 61 network selections across the network, 7 projects were by my students. Congratulations to all. It has been an honour to help bring out your talents.

– Daryl