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Learning to create compelling publications

This semester marks the end of the one-year graphic design program I helped mold over the last fourteen years. I am running what will be the last Publication Design class. The final project in the class: the Magazine Project. The students are hard at work now, putting these together.

It is quite a process. It is one of the few team projects in the program. Team projects are not always popular because students need to rely on each other. Someone always feels like they are doing more work than the others. Creative differences emerge. They need to overcome technical and communication problems. In other words, it is a lot like working in the “real world.”

Compelling publications continue to have a place in our world. People need stories, information and inspiration wrapped up in a well-designed package with a particular attitude.

Below I have included some process images from this project taken over the years. You can peruse the entire collection of magazines here.

Article start research.
Research on display type and layout
Layout samples
Research samples.
Investigating layout styles.
Type trials and inspiration boards
Artsy Magazine 2017 - Flat Plan
Artsy Magazine 2017 – Flat Plan
Print proofs
Assembly of the very first issue (Selfish Magazine). Students: Jennifer Ni, Greg Slonina, and Vitali Poluzhnikov
Quality check by Mirya Nezvitskaya
Getting reader feedback for Polygon Magazine