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Mistakes? Design guidance!

We learn from our mistakes. We try something. It doesn’t work, so we try something else. Occasionally we hit upon something that requires some hints from someone more experienced. And then, there are the mistakes we don’t realize we’re making.

With our years of front-line experience in the classroom, we thought this idea could help guide you all. Avoid some of the common pitfalls in art, design and software learning here! Feel free to ask us anything via our contact form.

Daryl Askey
Daryl Askey. Photo: Reiko Katayama

Daryl Askey

Daryl Askey is a design educator and trainer. He also works as a  graphic designer and brand identity strategist.

Daryl has always been artistic. Despite this, he took Marketing and International Business at the University of Ottawa.

Moving to Vancouver, he began work in the printing industry. Also, he continued creating art, music and design projects. Soon he combined his interests and talents – working as a graphic designer at Tora Design in North Vancouver.

Within a few years, Daryl began working on freelance design projects. Soon, teaching opportunities arose at post-secondary institutions around Vancouver. He concentrates on branding, typography, and passing on the fundamentals of design. He is also well-versed in design software training and production tools.

In 2016, Daryl received the Teaching Excellence Award at LaSalle College Vancouver. There, he teaches and helped plan the development of the Graphic Design Program. He also served as a member of the LCV Education Council. Check some of his students’ work here from the LCI Portfolio site.

He also continues writing and recording music whenever time allows. His main recording projects are City Wide Walkie Talkie and Transparent Subtitles.

Bernadett Askey
Bernadett Askey. Photo: Daryl Askey

Bernadett Askey

Education is a way of life. Connecting education and design is Bernadett’s mission. Her role as a designer and educator is to inspire. She teaches based on learning outcomes and the individual learner’s abilities. Education should also be a community-driven project. As such, she is also a member the board of a the Mount Pleasant Family Centre in East Vancouver. There, she handles its mission mandate, fundraising and personnel.

It all started in Budapest, Hungary where she habitually rearranged her furniture as a child. As a young adult she found employment in the printing and reprographics industry. Upon moving to Vancouver, BC., she began taking Interior Design. She completed her diploma at NKBA- and FIDER-accredited Lakeland College in Alberta. There she earned several student design awards.

Her career in education began with tutoring fellow students at Lakeland. Back in Vancouver, she worked as the Education assistant for the Canadian Craft and Design Museum. Bernadett worked for several years as an independent designer and for local design firms.

She started teaching at LaSalle College Vancouver and Vancouver Community College in 2002. She joined the Interior Design Department of the Art Institute of Vancouver in 2005.

She completed her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design through the Art Institute of Pittsburg in 2009. In 2015, Bernadett earned her Master’s Degree in Adult Education from Argosy University.

Now she lives and works in Vancouver with her husband and two young children. Her teaching philosophy is based on inspiring and supporting her students, faculty and colleagues. She provides a respectful environment for students to feel comfortable constructing knowledge.

Her curriculum design is based on industry standards. She designs classroom projects to carry students from a novice level to expertise. Student’s learning styles, cultural backgrounds and personal skills guide curriculum design.

And now she is striving to share some of that experience with you on this site!